All groups that aim to alleviate injustice are worthy. But among so many worthy causes, one organization stands out. Thanks to the Citizens United decision of the Supreme Court, Trucks for Cowboys SuperPAC can now offer a unique opportunity for you folks to make a difference.

Take a minute out of your day to consider the plight of the truckless cowboy. It ain’t easy doing gruff work without proper transportation; Yet when was the last time you stopped by the corner saloon and heard some cowboy crying into his beer because all he’s got to get from here to there is his feet? Cowboys don’t ask for help. So we’re asking for them.

Truckless cowboys have provided so much for us. Now, in their time of need, it’s our turn to provide. If everyone reading this bought just one truck then no cowboy need ever want for horse power again. Together we can put an end to this national shame.

For only thirty nine ninety five (yes, less than forty thousand dollars, plus shipping and handling) you can purchase a brand new Dodge Ram or Chevy Rump Roast for one deserving podner on the range. All models come fully loaded and will include a hand-engraved donor’s nameplate on the tow hitch so that your wrangler will always remember your generosity.

In return for this modest donation you’ll also get a bumper sticker with the stylish T4C logo, a signed photograph of “your” cowpoke behind the wheel and, mostly, the deep satisfaction of knowing that you did the right thing for once in your indoor, hobbyist life.

Happy Trails!

Melvin Jules Bukiet | American author